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Wednesday, 13 July 2016



We seek to be responsible custodians of our clients capital. Our goal is to preserve and then grow the real value of our clients wealth. this involves investing in assets that increase in value over time, beating inflation and avoiding large losses along the way. On paper, wealth preservation looks easy, the challenge comes with actually delivering it, consistently and well through thick and thin.



We build portfolios for our clients with two distinct parts. One side of the portfolio is focused on opportunities for creating wealth, we call these return assets. The other side of the portfolio is focused on mitigating risk. Here, we hold diversifying assets that will help preserve capital and offer protection. By combining these assets in the way that we do, the portfolio can deliver inflation beating returns while also cushioning against the inevitable challenges on the investment road.

 Most of our clients are families and entrepreneurs who have worked hard to build their wealth. They are looking to us to preserve and grow this wealth, not to create a second fortune. Equally important, we believe preservation first is the right approach to take to the financial markets, successful investing over the long term is more about avoiding disasters then delivering great results in any one year.


Within investments, most clients appoint us to manage a portfolio on their behalf. We also offer strategic investment advise, providing and independent expert view on both investment strategy and asset allocation.


Our discretionary investment service allows clients to delegate the management of their portfolios to an investment professional. While many of our clients select us as their sole investment manager, for some clients we´re one of a number of investment advisers. After thorough consultation, the investment manager and client agree on a long term investment strategy, which will reflect the clients individual investment goals and attitude to risk.


Our advisory investment services have been designed for those of our clients who like to be actively involved in decision making. We provide investment ideas, advise and guidance but the client retains ultimate investment control. We aim to build strong partnerships with our advisory clients, based on active engagement and regular communication.

“personal financial wealth building for you in a simple, easy and informative way.”

Friday, 17 June 2016

Wealth Structuring Spain and Europe

Wealth Structuring and investment company - Spain and Europe

Wealth Structuring 

Our wealth management and trust services span four main areas. each is available on a stand alone or an integrated basis. While some clients use us as their sole wealth manager, others appoint us for a particular area of expertise, such as cross-border wealth structuring investment management.

Wealth Structuring: We advise on all aspects of wealth structuring, using domestic and international trusts and foundations, private trust companies in local as well as offshore. Our team helps successful families and entrepreneurs around the world structure their assets in a way that will preserve their wealth now and for future generations.

 Platinum Banus Investments based in Spain also assist families based in the Middle East and Asia who have little or no connection with the UK or US but want to hold their wealth in suitable trust structures. Our extensive experience and global reach ensures that we have all of the necessary resources, expertise and technology to provide you with the highest quality of service at all times.

Wealth structuring can also help to safeguard privacy and to improve the efficiency of asset management and administration. By thinking holistically about all aspects of your wealth, we develop customized strategies to help pursue your unique goals. Securing your wealth through financial, tax and estate planning Professional financial advice and expertise can help you ensure your legacy for both now and future generations.

We develop solutions tailored to the needs of you and your family. Drawing on our team’s knowledge of international structures and ability to anticipate and think outside-the-box. At Platinum Banus Investments we fully understand that the structure that you place around the ownership, management and distribution of your assets can have lasting consequences for you and your family.

We can provide guidance and support on a comprehensive range of wealth structuring solutions that will protect your assets and offer your family security and an enduring legacy.

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