Thursday 28 April 2011

Marbella Pulse - Seventy Nine is Gold

Marbella Web Design the pulse are happy to launch the website for Seventy Nine.

New website for featuring their online services.
The name Seventy- nine is derived from our core business, gold. Seventy- nine is essentially the atomic number of Gold or symbol AU from the periodic table of the elements.

Seventy Nine are an international boutique precious metals, base metals and precious stones trading entity. With nearly a decade of experience in the trading markets, Seventy-nine is a deeply rooted supplier to the wholesale market.

Seventy-nine is not limited to trading these commodities, but moreover focused on manufacturing final bankable products which maintain our stockpiles, are traded across markets, currencies and industry sectors.

Marbella Web Development - Marbella Pulse
Development: HTML - CSS.

Abogados marbella - The Pulse Marbella Launch Lawyers website

Marbella Pulse web development Launch the New website for Marbella Abogados AM.

English and Spanish speaking Lawyers / Abogados AM Based in Marbella go online to offer more services to their existing clients. Marbella Abogados AKA Bufete Alcala de Lima Y Morales Buljan Launched their new website in April 2011 to coincide with their new offices opening in the center of Marbella.

The Pulse Web Design team are happy to announce the launch AM Abogados Marbella´s new website and wish them all the best for the future.

Marbella website Development The Pulse
Development Using: HTML - CSS - JQuery Javascript slidshows

Marbella Pulse Web Development - Launching new Business Directory

Marbella Pulse Web Development website design. Coming soon. New Business Directory. Free to join and free to add your own business details.

Fully secured online business directory featuring individual business search engine optimization facilities for client use. Constant upgrading of business information. Business image uploads to offer more information regarding products available.

Website development created by The Pulse Marbella and Zumo Internet.

Development using: HTML5 - CSS - Jquery javascript - Php Programming.

marbella pulse design recruitment agency

ThePulse.Fm Marbella web site designers are pleased to launch the new website for First choice recruitment agency.
Designed and constructed with HTML5. Jquery slideshows and CSS the website is also host to zumo´s Flagship product the Zumo CMS, allowing all functions for SEO and editing text and images throughout the website without no previous knowledge of HTML.

The CMS used in this website controls all aspects of the website and all user profiles. Visitors to the site can add all details to be registered for an account, knowing that their details are not shown outside of the website. Details of clients can only be seen once forwarded to a prospective employer, offering full security to all website users.

Pulse Web Site Design Marbella.
Developed with HTML5 - CSS - jQuery & JavaScript development - PHP scripting.