Monday 31 December 2012

Marbella Web Design - Responsive web design

Diseño Ideas Web Designers Marbella Do It Responsive Style 

Responsive, Drag and Drop Framework for Beautiful Websites. 

Built for the Web with Bootstrap, CSS3 and HTML5

Professional websites for your Business, Mobile, Pad and Computer in one design.

Responsive Css for a web site will increase a websites visitors by attracting the mobile and tablet visitors also along with the vistors who enjoy thier post in desktop version.
Now the number of people who are using the tablets and mobiles to browse the web are increasing. Hence a web page layout should be adaptable for all the view port of the device in which the visitor views the webpage. Responsive web design will eliminate all of these problems because of its ability to respond to the size of the device being used.

Thanks to our responsive web designs, our designers will not have to make a new layout for different mobile and desktop devices. A single design will work perfectly on all devices. Cutting the cost of your online business

Responsive Web Design Marbella

Mobile is the fastest growing aspect of web design. Currently, not enough websites are designed with mobile in mind. Today at Disenoideas we’re changing that for you.
The new framework is now responsive, or in other words, mobile out of the box. This means that your design itself will dynamically adjust to the browser or browsing device.

Call us at Diseño ideas .. Marbella   --  0034 952 773 692 or Mobile 630 331 317

Prepaid Debit Card

Co Branded Prepaid Debit Card

Cobranded prepaid card Programs 

Co Branded Prepaid Debit Card
A debit card is a plastic card linked to a financial account for usage to complete payments or purchases. It is considered a  form of cash payment, as the funds used to complete a transaction are automatically withdrawn from the financial account that the card is associated with.

Debit cards are convenient for both the customer and the merchant. Checks can be annoying to write, cumbersome to deposit and slow to clear. Debit card transactions usually clear within 24 hours. Plus, business establishments accept debit cards more often than they accept checks, and businesses generally pay less to process debit card payments than they do to process credit card payments.

A prepaid Debit card offers the user the same benefits as a regular credit card, but there is no inherent risk on the part of the card issuer or the user. The funds used to complete purchases with a prepaid Debit card are not borrowed, but pre deposited by the card user. The card user can utilize funds available for purchases, but must refill their account to continue spending beyond the pre established spending limit.

Saturday 15 December 2012

Estores y Cortinas - Decor Estudio Las Rozas Madrid.

Decoradores Decor Estudio, Estores y Cortinas en Madrid

Especialistas en tejidos y cortinas tecnicas 

Estores - Panél Japones - Cortinas - Toldos - Venecianas - Tapicerias - Persianas

Diseño Ideas Marbella Lanzar un Nuevo sitio web ya está en línea por Decor Estudio en Mardrid.
Diseño Web Responsive / "Simplemente tenemos lo mejor" Conforme la tecnología y nuestro andar avanza, nos vemos obligados a estar continuamente actualizados, y en Diseño Ideas Marbella - Especialistas desarrollo Páginas web. nos tomamos muy en serio estar al día. Con la llegada del HTML Responsive nos hemos visto en la necesidad de migrar la mayoría de nuestros sitios web a ésta tecnología.

Decor Estudio ofrece asesoramiento y un amplia gama de posibilidades para decoración: tapicerías, telas, sistemas de rieles o barras, tejidos estampados o lisos, linos, sedas naturales. Técnicos; panel japonés, estores, estores enrollables, estores plisados, domótica y mucho más.

Ofrecemos calidad y gran servicio hasta llegar a la idea que usted necesita tanto en hogar, oficina o empresa.

Tienda especializada en Estores ubicada en Madrid. Estores, cortinas verticales, panel japonés, venecianas. Especialistas en primeras marcas. Cortinas y Estores a Medida, toldos, papel pintado, con una perfecta gestión de la luz gracias a las Cortinas Enrollables, Cortinas Verticales, Estores plegables, Panel Japonés, Venecianas de Madera, Estores motorizados, Plisados y Paquetto.

Cortinas y Estores - Decor Estudio las rozas Madrid

Thursday 29 November 2012

Villa For Sale Marbella - Property Costa del Sol for Sale

Sunshine Casa Properties Marbella Costa del Sol 

Villas and Property for sale in Marbella - Puerto Banus

Golf Property for sale in Chiclana Cadiz

Sunshine Casa Properties Marbella. Property agents Marbella, Costa del Sol.
Newly completed Apartments and New Villas overlooking Golf Courses.
Luxury Costa del Sol Properties and Bank Repossessions.
New development in the heart of Marbella, Beachside Properties in walking distance from Puerto Banus.

Contact us for your Sunshine casa Property on the Costa del Sol.

Villa For Sale Marbella - Property Costa del Sol for Sale

Web designers Malaga - Big and Clever Music

Diseño de páginas web en Malaga - Costa del Sol

Big and Clever Music 

Diseño Ideas Diseñadores de paginas web

Big & Clever Music created by three innovative musicians to offer a complete service for all commercial and production music requirements.  Big and Clever music combine the recording of real instruments with contemporary production techniques to produce tracks that are beautifully structured, bursting with memorable harmonic patterns and riffs - energetic, cool and attention grabbing.

Clients choose our music because we dare to be different; we enjoy pushing the boundaries and why not?  This is the creative arts business after all.

Check out the website at

diseño de páginas web en Malaga - Costa del sol - big and clever web

Web design in HTML5 and CSS. Custom Content Management, By Diseño Ideas Web Design

Anglo American Racing Syndicate

Uk Top Horse Racing Syndicate 

Anglo American Racing - Racehorse Partnership.

Anglo-American Racing LP Horse Racing Syndicate specializes in forming professional and competitive syndicates for horse racing enthusiasts.

By providing people that have a passion for horse racing an opportunity to participate in the sport, we believe that we are creating a benefit for the people and the industry. We also believe that by compiling groups of horses as opposed to a single horse that risks are minimized and the reward possibilities are maximized.

This vehicle affords the average racing enthusiast the opportunity to participate in a real sense in the sport of horse racing with greatly enhanced chances of winners.

racehorse syndicate horse racing partnership

By providing people that have a passion for horse racing an opportunity to participate in the sport, we believe that we are creating a benefit for the people and the sport itself.

We also believe that by compiling groups of horses in a Package that the risk is minimised and the reward possibilities are maximised. This vehicle affords the average sportsperson the opportunity to participate in a real sense in the sport of horse racing.

This is your unique opportunity to own part of a successful racing stable. Each Racehorse syndicate will consist of up to 5 Top Race Horses, imported from the USA, to race in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Mainland Europe.

Wednesday 28 November 2012

HTML5 - CSS3 Responsive web Design

Fresh Web Designs for 2013 Diseño Ideas Web Developers 

 HTML5 - CSS3 Responsive web Design

Three key technical features are the heart of responsive Web design:
  • Media queries and media query listeners
  • A flexible grid-based layout that uses relative sizing
  • Flexible images and media, through dynamic resizing or CSS
Truly responsive Web design requires all three features to be implemented.

Instead of responding to today’s needs for a desktop Web version adapted to the most common screen resolution, along with a particular mobile version (often specific to a single mobile device), the idea is to approach the issue the other way around: use flexible and fluid layouts that adapt to almost any screen.

Today, you can use media queries to scope styles to specific capabilities, applying different styles based on the capabilities that match your query. You can even combine queries that test for several features by using semantic operators such as AND and NOT). Features include width, height, max-width, max-height, device-height, orientation, aspect-ratio, resolution and more.

Helena Revuelta - Pintora Artista

New Website Launched - For Helena Revuelta 

Artist - Painter Creations of her mind..

 Disenoideas Marbella Web Designers have launched the new responsive web design
A site designed with RWD uses CSS3 media queries, an extension of the @media rule, to adapt the layout to the viewing environment—along with fluid proportion-based grids and flexible images:
  • Media queries allow the page to use different CSS style rules based on characteristics of the device the site is being displayed on, most commonly the width of the browser.
  • The fluid grid concept calls for page element sizing to be in relative units like percentages or EMs, rather than absolute units like pixels or points.
  • Flexible images are also sized in relative units (up to 100%), so as to prevent them from displaying outside their containing element.
 Check out the new design here at

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Horse Racing Syndicate - Racehorse Partnerships

Anglo American Racing The top UK horse-racing syndicates for 2012

Anglo American Racing excels at selecting premier horse-racing syndicates throughout the UK and Ireland.
Horse-racing syndicates allow like-minded individuals with a love for the sport the opportunity to experience first-hand the thrill of owning a share of a race-horse or groups of horses.

The experience of standing next to your horse in the winner's enclosure can only be understood and appreciated by those individuals with a deep passion for the sport.

Horse-racing syndicates allow individuals to participate in a manner previously reserved for royalty and extraordinarily wealthy individuals.

Owning and running race horses can be very expensive for an individual thereby making the syndicate approach the viable answer to allow us to participate in the sport we love in a way we could only dream of before.

It is now common place for racing syndicates to win major stake races throughout the racing world.
Syndicates have won top stake races including The Queen Elizabeth Stakes, The King George VI, The Kentucky Derby, The Grand National and many, many more.

By participating in a group venture - Racehorse Partnership, one can achieve what was once only for the elite.
In order to receive our best syndicate recommendations for 2012.

Thursday 2 August 2012

Maquinas de Coser y Maquinas Remalladoras

Maquinas de Coser Y Maquinas Remalladoras
Máquinas de coser electromecánicas - Máquinas computarizadas.

Tenemos las marcas Astralux - Brother - Alfa. Contamos con un gran catálogo de máquinas de coser domésticas, semi-profesionales y profesionales, remalladoras (overlock), tijeras de costura, filtros de agua, accesorios, piezas y recambios para la costura doméstica y profesional. También contamos con máquinas de coser electromecánicas y máquinas de costura computarizadas. Nuestras principales marcas son Astralux, Brother, Alfa.

Estamos especializados en ofrecer lo mejor de la línea en máquinas de coser así como accesorios para las mejores marcas: Astralux, Alfa, Brother.

En Coser y Hogar le ofreceremos próximamente sensacionales kits para confeccionar de forma sencilla, todo tipo de ropa, vestidos, trajes, o cualquier tipo de arreglo

Web-development design Marbella - Seo Optimization services - Diseño Ideas

Co-Branded Prepaid Cards - Prepaid Card Programs

Co-Branded Prepaid Card Programs - Credit and Debit prepaid cards

Co-branded prepaid Credit Card programs that will truly set you apart from the pack. Co-branded Cards can help you attract new members and retain existing ones. Credocard´s integrated services are specially designed to promote and benefit your company or organization on the National and International market.

Specialized payment programs
Credocard specializes in the following payment programs:

Cobranded Prepaid cards offer, debit card programs and credit card programs that are co-branded with the Visa and MasterCard – the two leading financial service providers.

Co-branded cards display the logo of the company along with smaller logos of the financial service providers and the card issuing authority like bank or financial institution. But co-branded cards are not just plastic cards with fancy logos on them.

Prepaid Cards
Prepaid cards are used for making transactions as well but the money is deposited beforehand by the card holder. These cards are especially effective for impulsive buyers who have difficulty practicing self-restraint when it comes to shopping.

Web-development - SEO Optimization Marbella - Diseno Ideas

Desguaces Madrid - Desguace Camiones Madrid

Desguaces de Camiones en Madrid 
Cuenta con un taller especializado en Desguace de camiones.
Nuestro desguace de camiones en Madrid. Contamos con un estupendo taller especializado en camiones y maquinaría de todo tipo, camiones siniestrados, averiados, accidentados, con golpes.

Desguaces Tacha Madrid contamos con piezas y recambios para camiones, coches, vehículos, maquinaría, etc;
Con piezas nuevas, reconstruidas y de ocasión, todo para su camión, coche, maquinaría ó vehículo. Tasaciones sin compromiso, retirada de vehículos, certificados catv, para la baja de camiones y vehículos de cualquier tipo.


Diseño de Págineas Web y SEO Posicionamiento web - Diseño Ideas Marbella

Construcción de Piscinas en Barcelona, Granollers y Cardedeu

Construcción de piscinas en Barcelona

piscinas de sal, piscinas de agua salada, con más de 30 años de experiencia y mas de 1000 piscinas construidas. somos especialistas en piscinas de obra y mantenimiento de piscinas en Granollers, Mataró y Cardedeu. Con muchos Años de experiencia en la Construcción de piscinas en Granollers, construcción de piscinas en Mataró y construcción de piscinas en Cardedeu.

Diseño Web y Posicionamiento de Paginas web - Diseño Ideas Marbella

Detox Retreat Spa Marbella - Wellness center Marbella

Detox Retreat Spa Marbella

Detox Retreat Spa Marbella offer a wide range of interesting activities and Lessons. Our sports and activities inclued Yoga and walks in the countryside of Marbella. Quality of life and your well-being is our main goal, From our detox programs that are specially tailored to each and every persons needs to our high quality of life high nutrition detox diets.

Our Services Include:
Detox diet – Purification Detox programs
Detox Diet and Detox Programs – Benefit from total relaxation and detoxification There are several factors affecting our quality of life: fat-rich foods, stress, lack of physical exercise, alcohol, smoking, insufficient rest, and many more. We will help you change this situation from the point of view of your diet. Whenever you want to improve your health, detox diets are one of the best available options.

Sports and Activities
We offer yoga, long walks, and cooking lessons, among other interesting activities. If you are looking for a healthy and relaxing vacation, with the possibility of changing your philosophy of life, do not hesitate to contact us. Our website:
Detox Programs

Web Development Marbella and SEO web Optimization - Diseño Ideas Marbella

Ropa de Rugby y Camisetas de Rugby

Mas que Rugby es una tienda de Rugby online es una nueva y diferente tienda on-line donde poder comprar productos de Rugby en España y Portugal; encontrarás los mejores precios en Polos, Camisetas, accesorios de rugby y complementos, todo lo necesario para vestir Rugby donde podrán encontrar y comprar todo tipo de ropa de Rugby de las marcas más importantes en este deporte.

En Mas Que Rugby Compra tus camisetas de Rugby, polos de rugby y todo tipo de accesorios para el Rugby, contamos con todas las camisetas oficiales de tus selecciones nacionales de Rugby favoritas, Polo Oficial RFU, Polo oficial RBS 6 Naciones, SRU, Thomond Park, en marcas como Canterbury, Brandco, siempre con los mejores precios del mercado; ya sea para la práctica del Rugby o para vestir casual, siempre encontrarás lo que buscas en nuestra tienda de Rugby.

web development and seo optimization and positioning - Diseño Ideas Marbella

Monday 18 June 2012

Mondo rent Scooter and motorbike rentals Barcelona and Ibiza

Disenoideas Marbella web designers create a new look for Mondo Rent, the leader in motorbike rental and scooter renatls in barcelona and Ibiza. if your traveling to the spanish city of Barcelona or the island of Ibiza your best place to rent a scooter or rent a motorbike ar a Quad, rent cheaper with Mondo rent. check out in Barcelona scooter moto rentals and Ibiza scooter rentals

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Campamentos de Verano

Campamentos de Verano Granja Ecsuela Ría del Eo.
Somos conscientes de la importancia del deporte en la vida de los jóvenes y nuestra intención es incorporarlo de la manera más divertida posible. Para ello hemos elaborado un programa de actividades multi-aventura en nuestro campamento de verano juvenil con el cual los chicos no tendrán tiempo para aburrirse. Realizarán actividades lúdico-deportivas tales como Tiro con arco, Karting en circuito, Surf, Bodyboard, telas circenses, iniciación a la equitación, y muchás más. En nuestro campamento de verano juvenil contamos con una situación privilegiada cerca del mar por lo que dispondremos de varios días de playa.

Campamento de Verano Asturias - Granja Escuela Ría del Eo

Para complementar estas actividades en nuestro campamento contamos con una nave de talleres donde los participantes realizarán manualidades, juegos, veladas (karaoke, cine de verano, fiestas, concursos…), juegos de mesa y una pequeña granja donde los participantes que lo deseen podrán interaccionar con los animales, alimentarles, cuidarles… También realizaremos excursiones a Taramundi y a la, declarada Monumento Natural, “Playa de las Catedrales”.

FIV Marbella Clinica de fecundación in Vitro - reproducción asistida

Diseño Ideas marbella new website launch for FIV Marbella Clinica de fecundación in Vitro - reproducción asistida. Fiv Marbella a new concept clinic, a multidisciplinary group of professionals united with one goal, your maternity. Web Development using Pagelines Framework 2.0 custom designed to fit within the requirements of the clients needs.

Web design Marbella and web site development

Friday 27 April 2012

Campamentos de Verano

Campamentos de Verano - Granja Escuela Ria del Eo en Austurias

Granja escuela Ria del Eo, campamento de Verano / Viajes de fin de curso en Asturias.
Desde 1.991, en el concejo asturiano de Castropol, al borde de laRía del Eo (en el occidente asturiano), tenemos una Granja Escuela. Desde ella proponemos a nuestros visitantes unos días de vida en común, llenos de descubrimientos y experiencias en contacto directo con la naturaleza, con tiempo para el ocio y lugar para el descanso.

Como Granja Escuela, desarrollamos todas nuestras actividades adaptándolas a las distintas etapas y ciclos educativos. De esta manera nuestras actividades se convierten en un complemento a la propia actividad escolar.

El juego y la fiesta son parte sustancial de las actividades que se desarrollan en la granja. El fomento de las relaciones interpersonales, y el compromiso de respeto a las persona y el medio, caracterizan la forma de vida en la granja.

El magnífico entorno que ofrece Asturias (mar y montaña), las instalaciones especialmente diseñadas, y el cualificado personal de la Granja Escuela, proporcionan un máximo de posibilidades de acercamiento al medio natural.

Abierta todo el año para los tres Programas existentes: Granja Escuela, Campamento de Verano y Albergue para grupos y viajes fin de cursos.

Campamentos de Verano para viajes fin de curso, en nuestro campamento granja escuela Ria del Eo, disfrutaran como nunca en uno de los mejores campamentos en España.

Roll the Drums - Diseño ideas Style

Disenoideas Marbella web designers launch the new website for Roll the Drums. Dj Drummer present the new online recordings label Roll the Drums, specializing in Dnb Drum and Bass and Dubstep. Check out for the latest podcasts and information on the roll the drums artists.

Web design and Web site Development Marbella, Costa del Sol

Friday 24 February 2012

Logo Design maquinas de coser

Diseño ideas marbella Graphic design Company create a logo design for sewing machine company. maquinas de Coser

Diseño Ideas - Transform Living Marbella Logo Design

Diseño Ideas Marbella get constructing a new logo design for Transform Living Marbella, Construction and property maintenance company based in Marbella on the Costa del Sol.

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Marbella Home Made Grooves on the Radio

Marbella Home Made Grooves. Live radio show on Summerfm in Marbella 101.2fm and
The show is presented by David Hopkins, Angel Burgos and jon Two, Marbella Dj´s that bring the best sounds and freshest artists producing music for the dance floor.