Thursday 23 January 2014

Marbella web designers Disenoideas launch first European egg bank Ovobank spain

Marbella web designers Disenoideas launch The First European Egg Bank - Ovobank spain

first european egg bank ovobank spain - web designed by disenoideas marbella.

Ovobank Spain is the first European egg bank created to work with Assisted Reproduction Clinics helping them get donor eggs when needed. Ovobank Spain aims to meet the increasing demand for donor eggs to help optimize fertility treatments facilitating patient-donor sync Clinical Assisted Reproduction and simplifying the way expectant parents.

Marbella Based Web Site designers Disenoideas are proud to announce the launch of the first European Egg Bank. working in conjunction with FIV Marbella Assisted Reproduction Clinic based in Marbella, the site has been constructed with special attention to all details and information.

The site has been constructed using HTML5 and Bootstrap CSS to make the site visible and adaptive to all devices, such as iPhone technology, Android and Tablet, even designed for full resolution retina screens.
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