Monday 24 February 2014

Web design Colors 2014, Choosing your website colors.

Web design Colors 2014, Choosing your website colors. 

2014 web design trends, This seasons colours will be your choice.

What web design trends do you think we'll see in 2014? More simplicity, more cleanliness, Giant video´s for Backgrounds and more focus on smaller screen sizes, among other things, responsive designs and HTML Flat Design layouts.

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Flat UI  - Mobile design and Responsive layouts - Parralax Scrolling and More scrolling - One page wonders - HTML5 goodies and Tricks - Less text Bigger Fonts, Larger Bold - CSS replaces images - Moving Video Backgrounds - Cool typography - Hypercolour and more colors - pinterest card designs - Bigger, better imagery - Fixed position content / navigation - Blogs and Blogging

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Back in the old days of web site design. Ideas Diseño

Old web design techniques dont work, Build it and they will come does not work today. You cant get visitors to your website without the work and search engine knowledge that makes your website visible. Having a website isn’t enough. You need, USEFULNESS, CREATIVITY AND PURE FUNCTIONALITY.
Professional custom web design services to the next level, making it affordable, high quality design and fast turnaround.
We specialize in affordable web solutions anywhere from small business and corporate informational website, WordPress and content management system (CMS), eCommerce to search engine optimization (SEO).

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Affordable Custom Website & Graphic Design.Website. WordPress. CMS. eCommerce. Logo. SEO web design and SEO positioning Costa del Sol, Malaga

Web design Malaga and the Costa del Sol

Web design Malaga and the Costa del Sol

Unless you have been sitting under a rock for the last 20 years, then you should be all caught-up on ‘responsive web design’. If you’ve somehow managed to neglect all the buzz surrounding the importance of responsiveness, here’s a brief introduction.

Responsive web design simply makes sure that webpages can adjust to the device in use depending on its width.

Why is Responsive web design important

For starters, with all the people surfing the net on tablets and smartphones, it’s vital for devices of all sizes to access websites.
Responsive website design can give your site a boost.
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