Wednesday 21 November 2012

Horse Racing Syndicate - Racehorse Partnerships

Anglo American Racing The top UK horse-racing syndicates for 2012

Anglo American Racing excels at selecting premier horse-racing syndicates throughout the UK and Ireland.
Horse-racing syndicates allow like-minded individuals with a love for the sport the opportunity to experience first-hand the thrill of owning a share of a race-horse or groups of horses.

The experience of standing next to your horse in the winner's enclosure can only be understood and appreciated by those individuals with a deep passion for the sport.

Horse-racing syndicates allow individuals to participate in a manner previously reserved for royalty and extraordinarily wealthy individuals.

Owning and running race horses can be very expensive for an individual thereby making the syndicate approach the viable answer to allow us to participate in the sport we love in a way we could only dream of before.

It is now common place for racing syndicates to win major stake races throughout the racing world.
Syndicates have won top stake races including The Queen Elizabeth Stakes, The King George VI, The Kentucky Derby, The Grand National and many, many more.

By participating in a group venture - Racehorse Partnership, one can achieve what was once only for the elite.
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