Thursday 10 October 2013

Ovobank - El Primer Banco de Óvulos de Europa

Ovobank - El Primer Banco de Óvulos de Europa


Ovobank es el primer banco de óvulos de Europa creado para proveer de ovocitos de donante tanto a clínicas de Fecundación In Vitro como a pacientes de todo el mundo. Ovobank  pretende satisfacer la demanda cada vez mayor de ovocitos de donante ayudando a optimizar los tratamientos de fertilidad facilitando la sincronización paciente-donante a las Clínicas de Reproducción Asistida así como simplificando el camino a los futuros padres .

 Tasas de éxito

Las tasas de embarazo con ovocitos desvitrificados de donante no se diferencian de las tasas obtenidas en un tratamiento de ovodonación con ovocitos frescos. Gracias a la introducción de la vitrificación en los últimos años se ha hacho posible la criopreservación de ovocitos con una tasa de supervivencia que roza el 100%. El ovocito ha sido siempre la célula más difícil de criopreservar en el campo de la Reproducción Asistida. Debido a su gran tamaño y a su elevado contenido en agua, es más susceptible al daño por formación de cristales de hielo lo que perjudica gravemente su viabilidad. La vitrificación es un método de congelación en el cual gracias a los crioprotectores (sustancias que protegen a la célula de los daños por enfriamiento) y al rápido descenso de la temperatura (15.000-30.000ºc/min) se logra que no se formen cristales de hielo, por esta razón la supervivencia del ovocito vitrificado es tan alta

Monday 6 May 2013

Multi color Logo design - By Diseño Ideas

New Logo design for Diseño Ideas Marbella Client.

logo design idea by diseño ideas marbella

Logo design Ideas for Diseño Ideas web desingers Marbella Client.

Fiv Marbella - Fertility Clinic in Marbella

Fiv Marbella - Fertility Clinic on the sea front in Marbella centre. Fertility clinic FIV Marbella is situated within Clinic Ochoa, on the seafront and only a few minutes from Marbella Town Centre.

Fiv Marbella Assisted reproduction is a new concept of clinic, a multidisciplinary group of professionals united with one aim, to achieve your maternity.
fiv marbella fertility clinic in marbella

Fiv Marbella is open all summer long, so come and enjoy your treatment in the sun.

 Why choose Fiv Marbella? 

Because we have the tools to deal with all types of infertility problems, from the simple and natural treatments to the most complex and advanced, pioneering in Spain to fulfill your dream of motherhood. Our philosophy is based on clarity, simplicity and humanity to give the best service, not only therapeutically but also personally. We understand the difficulties for a woman or couple to decide to have a child, so we maintain a direct and personal contact with our patients throughout their treatment to achieve the desired pregnancy.

fertility clinic in marbella FIV Marbella

Decor estudio Madrid - Responsive web design

Diseño Ideas Responsive website designers in Marbella, are proud to launch the new website for Decor Estudio - Cortinas y Estores en Madrid.

Decor Estudio Decoradores de interior, Estores y Cortinas en Madrid. Ofrecemos todo en estores y cortinas en Madrid; estores enrollables, estores de paquetto y panel japonés. Damos calidad y servicio con una gran gama de productos de primeras marcas y tejidos de primera calidad. Le Asesoramos sin ningún tipo de compromiso para usted.

decor estudio cortinas y estores en Madrid

Decor Estudio Madrid ofrece asesoramiento y un amplia gama de posibilidades para decoración: desde tapicerías, telas, sistemas de rieles o barras para cortinas, hasta tejidos estampados o lisos, linos, sedas naturales. Somos Técnicos en instalaciones en panel japonés, estores de todo tipo, estores enrollables, estores plisados, domótica y mucho más. Ofrecemos también un gran numero de papeles pintados y estampaciones digitales, que también son compatibles con una perfecta gestión de la luz gracias a las Cortinas Enrollables, Cortinas Verticales, Estores plegables, Panel Japonés, Venecianas de Madera, Estores motorizados, Plisados y Paquetto que ofrecemos, llámenos y nos encargaremos del mejor asesoramiento para usted.

Magazine design layout - Diseño ideas Graphic design

Magazine design layout - Diseño ideas Graphic design

Magazine design layout - Diseño ideas Graphic designers based in Marbella on the Costa del Sol. We Produce Graphic artwork for Business cards to magazine design layouts.

Diseño Ideas Web Site Designers Costa del Sol

Diseño Ideas Web Site Designers Costa del Sol

Diseño Ideas Web Site Designers Costa del Sol.

Web designers Costa del Sol

responsive web site designers in andalucia costa del sol

Diseño ideas, Marbella, Costa del Sol based website designers and Graphic designers. We specialise in responsive website design using HTML5 and CSS3 bootstrap. Fully responsive designs for the web that adapt to any device from the latest mobile technology, androids and tablets to the biggest desktop sreens.

Diseño Ideas SEO specialists based in Marbella are available to offer superior website positioning Search engine marketing and bespoke adword campaigns, We help with your online marketing and web positioning increasing customer visibility and Google positioning.

Call us anytime for a FREE quote or FREE website analysis : 0034 952 773 692
or visit us on

Responsive web design for MUCHACHOMALO

Diseno Ideas Web site designers in Marbella, Get fresh with the latest website for MUCHACHOMALO underwear for Bad Boys and Bad Girls. Fully responsive website design that adapts perfectly to any device. From Android phones, Tablets to full desktop screens.

responsive web designers in Marbella

Muchachomalo underwear designers new ecommerce website easy to use, Buy online direct from the site using PayPal secure payment services and get FREE delivery using SEUR delivery within 2 working days.

Disenoideas web design in Marbella are proud to launch the new fully responsive Ecommerce website.

The layout of the site is carefully structured and complemented by the use of great product photography and concise and helpful information on the individual product pages. The site navigation also works seamlessly across a variety of screen sizes and allows users to quickly search for products via a variety of options.

Muchachomalo online store features simple navigation and an equally simple layout, both of which condense beautifully for smaller screens. The site utilises a simple grid layout and large typography, which means it adjusts exceptionally well when viewed on smaller screens. The way in which the cart and menu buttons are arranged on narrower devices is particularly well thought out too.


Friday 11 January 2013

Co-Branded Prepaid Cards

Co-Branded Prepaid Cards

Debit cards – Credit cards – Prepaid cards

co branded debit cards and credit cards with MasterCard
Are you wondering how you should handle all your business transactions? Does using cash as your mode of payment seem inconvenient to you? Are you looking for ways to improve the management of all your purchases and payments? If your answer to these questions is Yes, then it is time for you to get a prepaid card from Cobranded Prepaid.

Cobranded Prepaid offers prepaid card programs, debit card programs and credit card programs that are co-branded with the Visa and MasterCard – the two leading financial service providers. Co-branded cards display the logo or name of the company. But co-branded cards are not just plastic cards with fancy logos on them. These cards carry immense value as they can simplify all your transactions and you can complete payments and purchases with just a swipe of the card. Co-branded cards represent a partnership between the business, customer, financial service provider and card issuing authority. Cobranded card programs offer incentives to the customers in the form of reward programs and other attractive offers. Co-branded card programs can take your small business to the next level and assist in its rapid growth.

Debit Cards

co branded debit cards and credit cards with Visa Card
Debit cards are fairly common and provide a very convenient mode of carrying out financial transactions. A debit card is usually linked to a checking account and the funds from the account can be drawn out through an ATM using the card. You also have the option of making direct purchases and payments with your debit card. Cobranded Debit Cards

Credit Cards

Credit cards are also used as a mode of completing payments and purchases. Both credit cards and debit cards are used for the same purpose essentially but the mechanism is different for each. While debit cards draw the existing funds, credit cards use a credit line that is provided by the card issuing authority. The funds that are used are a debt that the card holder must pay with added interest to the issuing authority. Credit Cards
A debit card can be used in addition to the credit card if it is a secondary card. It provides an added advantage especially in case of an emergency.

Prepaid Cards

co branded debit cards and credit cards
Prepaid cards are used for making transactions as well but the money is deposited beforehand by the card holder. This enables the user to maintain his budget, as he is not allowed to go beyond a certain limit unless he deposits more funds. These cards are especially effective for impulsive buyers who have difficulty practicing self-restraint when it comes to shopping. Prepaid Cards
At Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid, the prepaid cards are co-branded with Visa and MasterCard for the convenience of the customers. These co-branded card programs can be customized in order to meet the specific needs of a business or an individual customer.

Sunday 6 January 2013

Máquina de Coser domestica en Coser y Hogar

Coser y Hogar - Máquina de Coser domestica

Máquina Remalladoras (Overlock) - Kit de costura

En Coser y Hogar contamos con un gran catálogo de Máquinas de Coser:
máquina de coser domésticas
Máquina de coser semi-profesionales y profesionales
Máquina remalladoras (overlock),  
Máquina de coser electromecánicas
Máquina de coser computarizadas

También disponemos de kits de costura, filtros de agua, accesorios, piezas y recambios para máquinas de coser y en definitiva todo para la costura doméstica y profesional. Nuestras principales marcas son Astralux, Brother, Alfa.

máquina de coser domestica

En Coser y Hogar cada semana tenemos ofertas especiales de máquina de coser para la venta. Con las mejores máquinas de coser en el mercado que podemos ofrecer los mejores precios y asegurarse de que obtener las ofertas especiales sólo disponibles en Coser y Hogar.
las mejores máquinas de coser a los mejores precios Llámenos Teléfono: +34 952 903 375
o visitar nuestro página web:

Co Branded Prepaid Cards with HallmarkPrepaid

Co Branded Prepaid Cards with Hallmark Prepaid Cards

Customized Card Programs and Prepaid Card Programs

Payment Programs Offered Include but Aren’t Limited to:

Co-branded credit card programs
Turnkey payment and licensing processing
Co-Branded Card Programs
Co-Branded Prepaid Card Programs
Debit cards and Prepaid Cards
Cobranded Cards
Un-Embossed and Embossed debit cards
Both EMV and Magnetic Stripe Cards

We provide cobranded card programs and cards to consumers in more than 200 countries around the world including South America, North America, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

Our credit card programs, co-branded cards, debit cards and prepaid card program are used around the world by our clients for a wide variety of purposes and uses such as Forex and incentive pay outs and dividends through our credit cards and debit cards, prepaid cards which offer membership based affiliation, benefit pay out and loans through the use of our co-branded cards, credit cards with insurance payout programs, debit cards with commission pay out applications, prepaid cards with remittance and travel, for gambling organization through the use of our prepaid cards, telecommunication companies, utility companies, department stores and supermarkets
As well as many more!

hallmark prepaid cards and prepaid card programs

Co Branded prepaid Cards and Prepaid cardsCo-Branded card programs featuring credit cards or debit cards are a great way to strengthen the loyalty of customers as well as help to attract new customers to the debit card programs and lower the total acquisition costs overall.

Consumers are provided with a variety of payment options and choices from cobranded cards, prepaid cards and credit cards to both money transfer companies and ewallets; however, they still utilize only a limited choice of payment solutions. Our companies cobranded cards and turnkey solutions are able to satisfy all of the demands of consumers by offering a wide variety of consumer card services.

For More information regarding Co Branded Cards visit