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Doctor Pano. Trasplante Capilar y Medicina Estetica en Marbella Malaga Drpano

Dr Pano Trasplante Capilar, Terapia Regenerativa Antialopecica y Medicina Estetica en Marbella Malaga

Trasplante Capilar: FUSS, FUE, BHT y Tricomplete.

doctor pano, drpano transplant capilar malaga medicina estetica marbella dr pano
Doctor Pano, especialista en implante capilar, trasplante capilar. 12 años de experiencia en trasplante de cabello y más de 16.000 pacientes con injerto de pelo exitosos avalan nuestra trayectoria. Esta dedicación exclusiva en implante capilar me ha llevado a perfeccionar las técnicas quirúrgicas y medicas a su máxima expresión empleando las últimas tecnologías en la lucha contra la calvicie pero sin olvidar el toque artístico, la seguridad y el bienestar de nuestros pacientes.

Dr. Ezequiel Panno es un experimentado médico especializado en transplante capilar, miembro de la Sociedad Europea de la Cirugía de Restauración Capilar (ESHRS).

doctor pano, drpano transplant capilar malaga medicina estetica marbella dr pano
El Dr Panno completó su formación médica en Argentina, y partir de ahí se dedico exclusivamente a la tricologia especializandose en microtransplante capilar y medicina capilar en Argentina, Brasil, Estados Unidos y Canadá. Homologado en España, ejerce su actividad en Europa desde 2005. Dr. Pano tiene una gran reputación en España y Europa, por su notable trabajo en los trasplantes de pelo, y es ampliamente conocido en España tras haber operado con éxito a un gran número de pacientes, habiendo intervenido en más de 5,000 procedimientos de trasplante del pelo hasta la fecha desde que comenzó a trabajar en este campo en 2001.

El DrPano domina tanto las técnicas FUE como las FUT, así como una combinación de ambos procedimientos, para el tratamiento de alopecias androgenéticas, alopecias cicatrizales, barbas, cejas, etc. Como la técnica avanza a pasos agigantados, el Hair transplant Consultant por la cantidad de médicos y técnicos en microtransplante capilar que ha capacidado, y por haber auditado, guiado e inaugurado un gran número de clínicas especializadas en microtransplante capilar en España y en el extranjero.
doctor pano, drpano transplant capilar malaga medicina estetica marbella dr pano
Doctor Pano considera de importancia crítica el constante estudio y posible implantación de las nuevas técnicas que van apareciendo. Un ejemplo es el Cierre Tricofítico, novedoso procedimiento que práctica con éxito para reducir la visibilidad de la cicatriz en la parte donante. Actualmente desarrolla conjuntamente con profesionales especializados el uso de células madre aplicadas al transplante capilar, y como tratamiento medico no quirúrgico. Ha alcanzado el respeto de sus colegas como

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Fiv Marbella Assisted reproduction Fivmarbella

Fiv Marbella Assisted Reproduction Marbella


In our Fiv Mabella Clinic we have technology and equipment unique in Spain and other European countries. This technology and our protocols come from the hand of our clinical director Enrique Criado Scholz, who has implemented the best techniques based on his extensive career as a clinical embryologist not only in Spain and Italy but in America too, from where he has imported protocols that make us different.
fiv marbella assisted reproduction clinic Marbella

It is the fusion of the technology we offer, our highly qualified staff, the protocols we follow in the laboratory and our humane treatment that gives us the confidence to live up to and offer you the treatment you need.

Prolonged Cultivation to Blastocyst stage

In our clinic we are in favor of blastocyst, in our in vitro fertilization cycles trying to grow the embryos to the blastocyst stage that occurs around the fifth day of development. The purpose of this treatment is able to select embryos with higher implantation potential exponentially increasing the chance of pregnancy.
fiv marbella assisted reproduction clinic Marbella

Private Detectives Costa del Sol

Private Detectives in Marbella, Málaga, Antequera, Ronda and Algeciras

Contact us on +34 630 31 38 14 – +34 952 82 49 03
Private Detectives in Marbella, Málaga, Antequera, Ronda and Algeciras

S.E.C. Private Detectives Marbella is a private investigation agency, made up team of academic experts in the field of Private Detectives in Marbella, Málaga, Antequera, Ronda and Algeciras, qualified and certified by the Spanish Ministry of Interior and the Spanish General Police Department. Seriousness, Efficacy and Confidentiality represent the three basic pillars of their training. The agency specialises in the taking of evidence for the resolution of private and legal, conflict, providing reports essential to our clients, each of which is unique, in those fields and subjects where the lack of information represents an issue.

S.E.C. Private Detectives offers a range of comprehensive and professional services to fit individually your requirements. Contact us if you have any queries or needs that differ from the ones listed within this website. Explain your issue to us and we will be happy to offer helpful advice free of charge.

Disenoideas web site design in Marbella Costa del Sol

Disenoideas Web Design - SEO optimization - Web Development

Responsive web designs with mobile technology. HTML5 and CSS3 Bootsrap.

Diseño Ideas. Web Design and Professional Web development services Marbella. SEO Marketing and Web Optimization.

Web designs that fit to your browser and mobile / android device. View your website design in Tablets, Android phones and all screen sizes with 2013 web development technology.
Marbella web designers Diseño ideas offer creative website solutions for Ecommerce online shopping websites to Business websites that make your business attract attention.

web design Marbella, Web optimization SEO  and website development

Building apps may seem like the obvious solution for your online business, The solution, of course, is to make a website that works equally well on every device. Enter the responsive web design, HTML5 and CSS3 Custom web site design and Development. For more information about your web site design contact us on +34 952 773 692.

Hair Transplant Marbella. Hair treatments and aesthetic treatments. Dr Panno

Hair Treatments and Hair Transplant treatments Marbella

Tricomplete Hair Treatment

This is a new exciting technique I have designed for advanced cases of alopecia, it is a combination of both FUT and FUE procedures alongside advanced medical treatments. This megasession combined with other vital treatments gives my patients optimum results. The full effect of a transplant takes from 2-12 months to emerge and is a solution for alopecia, previous scars, burns, other surgeries, beards, moustaches and eyebrows.
Hair Transplant and Hair treatments in Marbella, Dr Panno

Hair Transplant and Hair treatments in Marbella, Dr Panno
Finally here are some useful tips to consider when you have decided and are ready to take it further and have a consultation: Research, research and research some more and if you do this through the internet be very cautious as many sites give poor advice. And have some personal interests (blogs) Many people who want surgery are suffering from self esteem issues, depression and are vulnerable, some hair transplant companies exploit this and promise you unrealistic results for a very reasonable price, so be wary if the “deal” is too good to be true it usually is. When you have a consultation ask to see some photos and testimonials of previous patients and ask as many questions as you can, the more informed you are the better.

Hair Treatment

Hair Transplant and Hair treatments in Marbella, Dr Panno
The science and technology behind hair transplant has evolved dramatically over the past decade and now treating patients isn’t something for only the rich and famous.
It has been reported that cosmetic surgery for men has become extremely popular over the last few years and the media hype around hair transplants has pushed up sales as celebrities are admitting having the procedure done. If you are thinking about having a hair transplant there are many things to consider and you need to take time to research and really work out if it is right for you. Here are the two most popular techniques which cater for different problems.